Monday, February 27, 2012

Life in Every Breath

I survived. The unimaginable pain, the continous vomiting and constant unconsciousness, the total agony, all of it etched into my memory.

It tought me  things. Taught me the worth of every moment I draw breath. Taught me just how quickly this life could fade. It would have been easy. Easy as breathing. All I had to do was let go and my life would be forefit. Rather than surrender, my will became tempered. Knowing how easily I could give up made me fight even harder to continue. Just a little more. Just a little further. I can do this. I can survive. No. No, I WILL survive. I have to. I need to. It echoed in my mind, "Press on. No surrender. Continue. Move forward. Hold your ground."

A part of me died in that bed. The part that was only taking up space. The part that let things just pass by. The part that didn't care. The part that wasn't strong enough. I am reborn, determined to improve what I have, what I am. To rise above any who stand in my way. This life is precious to me, now more than ever. Each moment, each second. It isn't a gift from anyone else. It's something I already have, and something that I must fight for. 

The fire that has tempered my will stronger than any steel still burns within me. It is high time I spread that fire, and burn as bright as can be. It is time I truly live.

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