Thursday, March 15, 2012


Play. The most important word in the English language. Yes, more important than time, life, money, love, more important than the name of the language itself.

What is time worth if we do not play? We spend our years counting down the clock until the day our lives end, never fulfilling ourselves, just spending time doing what have you.

What is life without play? A dull, boring existance in which we never invest in ourselves and live our lives out entirely for the use of others. We never amount to anything, only serving our self-inflicted masters.

What good is money if we don't enjoy what we have? All the money in the world cannot buy happiness. You can spend your whole life collecting it, but it does no good in and of itself.

Love, without play, is not even love. It is merely a devotion, like a couple who remain together for their children, or to keep up appearances.  The relationship is dead and they are merely puppets.

Play is the very spark of life. The essence of being "alive."  But what is play? I am not merely referring to games of "make believe" that children particpate in. Nor am I referring to games. Play is very simply that...Play.

It has no goals. It seeks no end result. It is not concerned with such things as getting ahead or proving oneself as superior to another. It exists simply in and of itself. Play is doing something simply for the pleasure involved.

You play when you ride your bike just to enjoy the evening breeze.  You play when you take apart a machine just to see what is inside. You play when you swim because you find swimming fun.  You play when you laugh because it feels good.

What is it you enjoy doing? Not something you love being the best at, or something you're wanting to improve doing.  What is it you just love being involved in? Get out there and play.

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