Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Freedom Fighters

The Internet, the last frontier of true freedom, needs our help.

SOPA has been shelved, but it can easily be revisited. The fight is not yet won. Not only do we have to watch over our shoulders for that dagger, but its twin, PIPA also threatens to remove our freedom online. Many of our beloved websites are under attack should this bill be allowed to survive. The very existence of websites such as Wikipedia may be extinguished. This bill would allow the government to control what is placed online, how it is worded, and in what way it is posted. The free flowing of knowledge that is Wikipedia would no longer be allowed to live in the name of "a better society."

Many are taking a stand against this tyranny, people are calling their Senators, signing petitions, and joining in a blackout of the internet on January 18th. Even big-name websites such as Wikipedia and Reddit (both would be majorly effected should this bill be passed) are going offline during this time. Many others are producing banners to support the anti-PIPA actions.

While others sit idly by and think nothing of what the government does to their freedoms, what will you do?

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