Friday, June 3, 2011

The Cursed Blade

Treatment has begun.

Interestingly enough, the moment the chemicals reached my bloodstream, every symptom faded away. Now, I only have to deal with side effects from the treatment.

Every day is still a battlefield for me. Now, however, I have a weapon in hand to defend myself against the onslaught. A tainted weapon that saps my strength, but a weapon nonetheless. No matter the cost, I must survive this ordeal. I must rise above. I must.

Days have begun to blur. The only ones that seem to stand out are the treatment days, once every two weeks. I think I’m losing my sense of time. All I have to look forward to is the next treatment. The next time I get away from the humdrum of survival to receive the next batch that can take me one step closer to recovery.

While searching through the channels to find anything to take my mind off of things, I came across what looked like the beginning of an epic tale. There was a woman in white riding a horse as if she was fleeing for her life. Little did I know, I had stumbled upon what would become an eye-opening and life-changing experience. I had found the pilot episode of Legend of the Seeker. It never received any commercial time, the only way to find it was to catch the previous episode or hear from someone who did.

This was an epic coming-of-age tale. The story of a man destined for greatness, whose will, reason and thirst for truth carved mountains and toppled an empire.

This was a tale that inspired me to fight on. Nothing else mattered, I HAD to keep fighting, no matter what happened, I HAD to get to the next episode. Each week, I grew more and more determined. Finally, I had a goal, just one more week, just one more episode.

I could feel my strength returning. I had realized why he inspired me so. Everything he believed in, his ideals, his strengths, his weaknesses, they were mine, they had been since I was a child. I was looking into a mirror, and seeing myself triumph over death itself. And so I fought, blade in hand, against the tide to win my freedom.

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