Monday, January 24, 2011

Where There's a Will...

It's kind of funny how people are so quick to fall in line, even (or especially) when it's something they don't believe in, something they feel is wrong. They may whisper their dissent among the shadows. They may dream of the golden days long past, or the heaven that they imagine is to come far off into the future. They may have grand dreams of vanquishing the foes that stand before them.

But how many will actually do it? How many are truly willing to stand up, to plant their feet on the ground, to draw a line and yell "this far and no further!"? Very few, it seems. It's easy to find people suffering in silence, because they think it is their duty to bear the weight of the world. They think that because someone asked it of them, that just because they have the ability, that gift they possess is their curse that binds them to serving those who cannot, or will not perform. They suffer, and never speak up, never utter a word. Why?

I was not made for this. I didn't spend my life, didn't survive the ordeals I've overcome, just to be pushed around by someone who thinks they own me. And what makes me so special? Yes, I've been through more than most will ever come to understand. But each person is unique, each individual survives situations that could have claimed them. Each one entitled to their life. Yet they willingly shackle themselves, think that another is their better.

Maybe it's because it's easier that way. What purpose is there in putting in the effort to think for one's self when someone else can do it. I'll admit, it's hard work, having to come up with original ideas, not allowing someone else to pull my weight, having to command myself and man up to the consequences of my actions. But the sweet reward of the free, rational mind, and the reward for my actions, is worth every drop of sweat. And there's not a man on earth who can lay claim to what I have rightfully earned.

But what does it take to stand up, above the masses, to believe in yourself, love yourself, and enjoy life? It's the same as anything else in this life. It all boils down to the simplest of equations. All it takes is a thought. A very simple, tiny moment where an idea is born. And to add the fire of will. A thought, and the will to make that dream come true.

You are free to sever the chains of fate that bind you. 

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